The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Lady: You get pregnant while still a virgin
Fella: You don’t get angry at the lady, you believe her and stick by her side
Random people show up with gifts right after you give birth and you don’t say, ‘uh, excuse me, fellas? Yeah, you, beard-y types. Could you please leave? I JUST gave birth, I’m a little tired.’
Your child begins talking to crowds about pretty radical and crazy ideas and you don’t pull said child aside and say, ‘uhhh, buddy? Let’s have a little talk about social norms, k?’
When your child was young and sometimes sulked and you would say, ‘hey mister, quit turning that water into whine’ and then he grows up and … just, woah.
You give your child a small snack, just enough to tide over til dinner time, and suddenly the whole neighborhood is full.

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