The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

And So It Begins

This post was inspired by the following article, “The 1000 Year Old Case of the Spanish Cannibals.



You notice how good Ulg looks?

Yeah that’s true … she’s really filling out.

(Caveman high five.)

Yeah, so meaty.

…Yeah…Uh…That’s one way to put it.

Like, those thighs, right?

Yeah man!

(Caveman high five.)

Those arms!

Well … I’m not really an arm guy, but sure, she’s got nice muscle definition.



I’d like to introduce her to my skewer.

Haha ew, that’s the weirdest euphemism ever.

What’s a euphemism?


Oh dear.

Did you notice how good YOU look?

(Caveman high five left hanging.)

(One caveman runs away from the other.)

(Cue Benny Hill music.)

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