The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Fight Fire With Fire

Firefighters actually CAN and DO fight fire with fire. Strategic burns to remove very dry wood, or burning areas so a wildfire has less to go on when reaching those areas. It’s effective.

The NRA wants to fight gun violence by making more guns readily available to children (not their intended consequence, but an inevitable consequence).

What are other famous failures in fighting fire with fire?

Doctor: It’s cancer … And I’m afraid it’s quite advanced
Patient: I’m ready to fight it, doc!
Doctor: Great! I’m going to inject a different form of cancer in your body … They’ll duke it out!
Patient: Uhh … But aren’t all forms of cancer potentially deadly?
Doctor: Yeah, but my hope is this cancer will only be deadly toward other deadly stuff …

Trump’s lawyer: You have no money, you need to stop spending money
Trump: But what if I just keep spending and declare bankruptcy and start over? Again and again?
(Ok well, this is a bad example because somehow this has worked for him)

Community leaders: The gang violence is out of control! There are just too many gangs!
Especially stupid community leaders: Say …


It does seem, though, that when firefighters use fire it is because something is already out of hand and there is a crisis. Generally, water saves the day. Are schools at that kind of crisis point? I don’t think so, but it is certainly past the time when common sense should’ve kicked in. Toys aren’t worth human lives.

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