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Action Movie Theme Park

On Christmas my dad and I watched Hot Fuzz, an action/comedy that pokes fun of classic action movie scenes and themes while having those same things. It’s a pretty good flick if you haven’t seen it.

In the movie one of the characters is jealous of another who has gotten to do some classic action movie scene things.

This got me thinking … Wouldn’t I also like to do some of these things? Not in a life or death situation, of course, but in a fun-loving, shooting a gun while driving a car sort of way.

Here are some of the featured “rides” at this park!:

  • Shooting a gun at targets along a set path while someone else drives (or, more likely, the car is automated)
  • Shooting a gun while rolling around on the ground
  • Being chased (or chasing someone) through a simulated crowded airport (or mall, or crowded city street)
  • And much more!!!

Before you think, “this is ridiculous. It sounds insanely dangerous, and if it actually came to be it would be super expensive” … I want you to consider this: This is a real website:

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