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30 Seconds of Serious

Like I talked about last week, my brother and I did an entry for Fred Armisen’s “30 Seconds of Serious” or “Be Serious for 30 Seconds.”

Again, ignore that we’re brothers … just pay attention to the plot. (And the fact that I was able to not laugh for 30 seconds … our sad outtakes on Thursday.)

30 Seconds of Serious

Heya folks,

Sometime next week I will be posting a new youtube video that is in response to Fred Armisen’s “Be Serious for 30 Seconds.” Check it out.


The bro and I had a blast making the video, although the content is very weird (just ignore that we’re brothers) … anywho, we cracked each other up a ton because it’s hard to be serious. Well, it was hard for me. I made us re-do it about 80% of the time due to smirking/giggling/outright laughing/confusion/any reason at all really.

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