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Top Three Cat Videos

As we all know the internet is made for those who think cats are adorable. And who can disagree with that? Cats ARE adorable. Check out what Time Magazine (may not necessarily be true) and the Huffington Post* think are the top three cat videos.


Bane Cat


Crash Test Cats


Party Cat


*At least that’s my guess.

Two Door Cinema Club @ Houston’s House of Blues

Dancing Dinos

Scenic Australia

I’m a big fan of this song right now, so why not put pretty video clips from Australia to it?

Cat Impressions

30 Seconds of Serious Outtakes

Lazy post today … my sister recorder my bro and I trying to do the “30 Seconds of Serious” and we had a good time laughing it up. Mostly from my inability to actually be serious for 30 seconds.

I have a feeling this is one of those things you’d only enjoy if you are family, which is why this is a lazy post.

Thanks sis for the filmography!

30 Seconds of Serious

Heya folks,

Sometime next week I will be posting a new youtube video that is in response to Fred Armisen’s “Be Serious for 30 Seconds.” Check it out.


The bro and I had a blast making the video, although the content is very weird (just ignore that we’re brothers) … anywho, we cracked each other up a ton because it’s hard to be serious. Well, it was hard for me. I made us re-do it about 80% of the time due to smirking/giggling/outright laughing/confusion/any reason at all really.

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