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India Video

I was going to write about Udaipur today buuuuut … I’m feeling lazy. So here’s a video I made.

Action Movie Results

There’s an app called “Action Movie” which is delightful because it allows you to blow stuff up. Here, check it out!

Also, great news, my YouTube page got all the dumber because of these uploads!

Goodbye, Homework!

Traffic is the … WOAHHH! (Awful, I Know)

Sayonara Buc-Ee’s!

P.S. The thing I think the app is best for is to take a movie of a car that has parked just AWFULLY. You know, oozing all over a second lane.

What I Learned About Alien Abductions

I don’t know what being abducted by an alien is like … but if I experience it, and it turns out to be like a Bassnectar concert, I wouldn’t be that surprised – you know, crazy flashing lights, crazy sounds, alien abduction-y things.



Also, I have to admit, I don’t really like that kind of music … but I enjoy those concerts (at least in rare doses). Well, minus all the smell of smoke.

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