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Vanilla Ice and the Corporate Game

If you are Vanilla Ice, read on, otherwise this might not apply to you.

Vanilla, Mr. Ice, DUDE!, what’s up? How have you yet to capitalize on your biggest hit and turn that into a corporate workshop which you will charge obscene amounts of money for? Don’t you know how easy it would be? The majority of the groundwork is already done:

  • You have the speech mostly done,
  • You have name recognition so booking corporations will be a breeze!

Possible Itinerary

7 – 830, am breakfast and networking opportunities
830 – 9, Everyone goes to smaller rooms to meet their teams for the day long conference
9 – 10, Main conference area, Vanilla’s speech entitled Stop (where you talk about the importance of not trying to just put out fires but stopping, catching your breath, and forming a plan)
10 – 11, Teams gather to discuss the concepts from the Stop speech and work through some Stop scenarios
11 – 1230, Lunch and networking
1230 – 2, Collaborate speech in the main conference area from Mr. Ice
2 – 3, Teams gather, discuss (collaborate if you will), work through scenarios
3 – 4, Listen speech from Professor Vanilla Ice
4 – 5, Teams gather, etc
5 – 7, Cocktails and networking
7 – 710, For an extra X dollars from the sponsors you can sing the Go Ninja rap from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Come ON Vanilla, this opportunity is so obvious! You know how to find me, lets do this.

I call this look “Corporate Fresh, USA Style.”

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