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SxSW 2013 – Singers

Amanda Palmer and Billy Bragg

SxSW 2013 Singers - Billy Bragg and Amanda Palmer


SxSW 2013 Singers - Fallulah

Ivan & Alyosha

SxSW 2013 Singers - Ivan and Alyosha


SxSW 2013 Singers - Jetta

The Ruen Brothers

SxSW 2013 Singers - The Ruen Brothers

It’s like Boy Meets World’s Sean Hunter came back as a British rock star.

The Zombies

SxSW 2013 Singers - The Zombies

Wild Child

SxSW 2013 Singers - Wild Child

Willy Moon

SxSW 2013 Singers - Willy Moon

Musical Monday

This weekend I have accomplished some things, the biggest being a paper for my class I’m in and … you know what? I’m tired. So, here are some songs I like. Musical Monday, people!

(This one is a weird video, but a good song.)



DumbFunnery @ SxSW 2012!

Yes, I went with a blog title third-person style subject for this post. Why? Because here are a few quick stories that involve me looking/acting/feeling dumb at this year’s (very fun) SxSW.


Oh, Fallulah. Here’s a song of hers.

I am a big fan of this song. It’s a lot of fun.

I saw her with my sister and Airplanes on Saturday night at Frank. She was (I’m going to use this word a lot) fun. Very high energy, happy, and just plain good. E$, Airplanes and I went upstairs to eat some food and Fallulah came on. I ran downstairs to take a few pictures and, whoops, fell in love. Ohhh she is pretty. And so much what? Fun.

After her show I used my sister’s phone(and therefore her twitter account) to write out a tweet.

“Hey Fallulah! Awesome show! Are you going to come out to take pictures? And marry my little brother?”

E$ pointed out that this made me sound crazy. FINE! I could’ve said lots of things. Frank sells hot dogs. I ate one and it was tasty. I wondered if maybe Fallulah would respond to this:

“Hey Fallulah! Great show! Want a hot dog and a green card? My little brother’s single.”

I didn’t send any of these … but eventually she came out! Whoo! We grabbed a picture but I had forgotten to turn on the flash. Our wedding photo, RUINED! Full of all the engineering charm I could muster, I leaned in close and said, “you guys were … good!” Really brain?, really? That’s honestly all I could think to say. Oof.

Nevertheless, check her out!

Dig Those Pants

This guy. Those pants. This guy with those pants. I wanted a picture of me casually by him. This is how that turned out.

He clearly noticed what I was up to. He turned and said, cool as can be, “if you want a picture with me we can do that.” I was ashamed at my lack of being able to be sneaky/lack of just going up and asking. Nevertheless, the picture happened. WHAT A STUD.


After their awesome show … a picture with the lead singer. I asked if we could do two. “One regular, and one where we’re all dinosaurs?” She said, “Of course!” Then she dinosaur’d like a champ.

(Oh and notice that Juicebox and I have hipster’d our jeans. This trend was led by Juicebox.

Well, led by the hipsters. But then by Juicebox.)

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