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Top 5 Things I’d Like to See Happen Tomorrow

1. Army beating Navy.

2. (Or) Navy running out onto the field, stopping suddenly, collectively saying, “oh my gosh it’s like … super frigid out. Hot chocolate on the bus!!!” Then they all leave the field. Result, Army victory.

3. (Or) Army crushing Navy. A fumble every time a Navy player touches the ball. Minimum 156-0 final score.

4. (Or) I travel back in time, decide to play football instead of the skinny people sport of cross country, people see that I’m the greatest of all time (at worst top 4), I for who knows what reason decide to play college ball at West Point, fast forward to this year (even though I’m 30 and couldn’t still be a student) and I end up playing every down on offense, defense and special teams (like how I played using Barry Sanders in NFL Quarterback Club ’98 … with injuries turned off) and I lead the team to victory.

5. (Or…) If the awful should happen, I suddenly develop a total lack of care so that my fiancé is not miserable due to me being randomly annoyed/upset/frustrated/sad all day.


As a Military Brat, and especially as the son of a West Pointer, Go, Army, Beat Navy was a common phrase in my house. This Saturday Army will be taking on Navy and I’m hoping for the correct outcome. Here are some spirit videos with the usual blend of humor.





2011 SMU Football Schedule – A Fan’s Take

SMU, my dear alma mater, used to be great at football (when they cheated massive amounts). Now we probably only cheat as much as any other school (well, except for the schools that are being caught), and that makes things tougher.

We’ve got a tough schedule this year, and yet hope springs eternal. According to Sports Ratings SMU will be looking at a 6-6 season, but I’m hoping for 8-4. Let’s check it out.

9/4- @ Texas A&M

  • Cartoon gulp. 0-1

9/10 – Texas El Paso

  • Ok, let’s do this. 1-1

9/17 – Northwestern State

  • Eh? Sure … 2-1

9/24 – @ Memphis        

9/30 – @ TCU

  • Hope springs eternal!! 3-2

10/15 – UCF

  • Time to bounce-back!(?) 4-2

10/22 – @ Southern Miss

  • Eh. 4-3

10/29 – @ Tulsa

  • Pleeeeeasssee (Roger Rabbit style)! 5-3

11/5 – Tulane

  • FINISH HIM! 6-3

11/12 – Navy

  • GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY! (Also go SMU!) 7-3

11/19 – @ Houston

  • I may be there!! (Probably sad though.) 7-4

11/26 – Rice

  • Pillow fiiiiight! 8-4

For good measure, the old fight song … Yeah, I’m excited about their football season. So sue me!

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