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2012 SMU Football

On Sunday, at 5:30 central time, the SMU football season kicks off! Whoo! FOOTBALL! (Said in my best southern voice.) Last year I made a prediction about SMU’s record before the season began, and I wasn’t too far off. I thought they would go 8-4, they actually went 7-5 (although the loss against Navy was ridiculous – seriously SMU? That’s still upsetting.). Anywho.

I had predicted they’d lose to TCU, but beat Tulsa. In fact, they lost to Tulsa (what?), but beat TCU (boo yah!!).

They’re going to play in the Big East the season after this one, so the hope is to leave good ol’ Conference USA on a high note. (Which means we’ll have to beat Houston … gulp.)

Anywho, time to get down to it!

9/2 @ Baylor Win (you’d better)
9/8 v Stephen F. Austin Win (or the tears will fall)
9/15 v Texas A&M Loss (I’m not kidding myself here)
9/29 v TCU (Fam Wknd) Loss (SMU won last year, TCU will be angry)
10/06 @ UTEP Win
10/13 @ Tulane Win
10/18 v Houston Loss
10/27 v Memphis (Homecoming) Win
11/03 @ UCF Win?
11/10 v Southern Miss Loss
11/17 @ Rice Win
11/24 v Tulsa Win (don’t lose to THEM, they’re in Oklahoma!)

Sorry, Oklahoma, but you’re easy to make fun of.

Overall predicted record: 8-4 (I’m consistent).

I almost want to put an asterisk next to every game where I have predicted a win, because SMU is still really shaky in my mind. I have seen them play quite a few games that they really have lost due to their own silly mistakes.

Here’s hoping this season is a good one!

2011 SMU Football Schedule – A Fan’s Take

SMU, my dear alma mater, used to be great at football (when they cheated massive amounts). Now we probably only cheat as much as any other school (well, except for the schools that are being caught), and that makes things tougher.

We’ve got a tough schedule this year, and yet hope springs eternal. According to Sports Ratings SMU will be looking at a 6-6 season, but I’m hoping for 8-4. Let’s check it out.

9/4- @ Texas A&M

  • Cartoon gulp. 0-1

9/10 – Texas El Paso

  • Ok, let’s do this. 1-1

9/17 – Northwestern State

  • Eh? Sure … 2-1

9/24 – @ Memphis        

9/30 – @ TCU

  • Hope springs eternal!! 3-2

10/15 – UCF

  • Time to bounce-back!(?) 4-2

10/22 – @ Southern Miss

  • Eh. 4-3

10/29 – @ Tulsa

  • Pleeeeeasssee (Roger Rabbit style)! 5-3

11/5 – Tulane

  • FINISH HIM! 6-3

11/12 – Navy

  • GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY! (Also go SMU!) 7-3

11/19 – @ Houston

  • I may be there!! (Probably sad though.) 7-4

11/26 – Rice

  • Pillow fiiiiight! 8-4

For good measure, the old fight song … Yeah, I’m excited about their football season. So sue me!

Armed Forces Bowl 2010: SMU v Army

On Thursday December 30th at 11 am Army played SMU in the Armed Forces Bowl. The bowl is ordinarily held at TCU’s stadium in Fort Worth, but they were busy being lame (TCU is SMU’s rival – I can’t resist) … so the game was instead held at SMU.

My parents decided that since SMU is my alma mater, and Army (aka The United States Military Academy) is my dad’s – we’d go see the game and visit Dallas.

SMU v TCU, September 10, 2005 – TCU was ranked and we beat them

For every bit of crazy I look, I was that happy about SMU beating TCU. It was a good day.

SMU v Army? Not a good day.

I was surrounded by Army fans

And … SMU lost … to a bunch of Militants

(“Raise your hand if you eat bullets.”)

SMU fans string up dummies of our own players … that’s encouraging??

SMU’s mascot is a mustang … but come on buddy …

On the plus side, Lt. Dan was there performing

And a fish-man scared me



And Pony Up!

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