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Dinner With Strangers

Tonight my wife and I are heading out to dinner with a group of strangers. This group of strangers was found using We knew (and a friend giving advice also emphasized this) that it would be important for us to get out there and try to be social right away … or we could easily fall into the trap of just hanging out with each other.
So! What will tonight bring? I can tell you what it won’t bring: privacy.
We recently watched an episode of the Morgan Spurlock show Inside Man (he’s the dude that did Super Size Me). The episode was about just how much of your information is out there, available for consumption by parties you would never know about or assume had your information (and they’re selling it for a profit to boot).
Motivated by this somewhat shocking but then again not-shocking-at-all episode, I decided to do some intense online research on our future dinner guests.
Here are some topics that might come up at dinner:
  • Tom, why do you like to google shoes so much? I noticed that you have only bought 2 pairs in the past year but you google specific women’s shoes on average seven times a day.
  • Barb, did the cops end up figuring out it was you that bumped into the car in the mall parking lot?
  • Lisa, I notice you’re drinking wine. Is it one that pairs well with your surprisingly weird obsession with Alf?
  • Joseph, you were adorable as a baby. I used Zazzle to make a photo album of you growing up, would you like a copy?
Wish us luck at dinner!!
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