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The Internet is Full of Awesome:

1) Based on your personality, if you were an animal, what animal would you be?

What do you mean if I were an animal? Corrupt CAMEL. Hello? McFly?

2) Everyone else has a super power but you – What super power does everyone else have?*

Even a baby has a super power? Can you imagine the power of that babe?
What babe?
The babe of the power.
What power?
The power of voodoo.
Who do?
You do.
Do what?
Remind of the babe.

[Editor’s Note: The movie Labyrinth freaks me out, but I am impressed/creeped out that a reference to it was at the tip of CorruptCamel’s tongue so this is my way of respecting his answer while not scaring myself.]

3) Why do you blog?

To remind me of the babe.

On a serious note, and because I can only keep a good David Bowie/Labyrinth joke up for so long, I blog because I like to write, I like to tell bad jokes, and I like to do the opposite of what you do with STDs, and share these things with people.

I believe it’s important to have a creative outlet to keep sane. Everyone needs a way to express themselves. Just ask Madonna. It’s also a lot of fun (or disappointing) seeing how many (or how few) people care about a given subject.

4) You’re at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, and security has stopped you. It looks like you may be getting a strip search. Why?

Because I told security I have various narcotics shoved up my rectum. Truth is, there are only a couple of GI Joes up there, but when you have the opportunity to have the gentle gloved hands of Javier AND Beatrice poke around your nether regions, you don’t pass it up.

5) What is your proudest blog-related moment?

You mean, besides this moment?

Probably when the website started to take off a bit. I think most bloggers have visions their site is going to be overflowing with fans from the get-go, but the reality is that there are millions of blogs out there, so if you’re not advertising or offering giveaways (which I don’t), finding an audience is tough. It’s also tough when you don’t have a niche and my website is as random as they come.

I think the internet is swarming with the debris of leftover blogs that were started, abandoned and left to rot. isn’t overflowing with traffic, but I get enough to keep me motivated and the numbers are continually growing.

6) What opposite-sex-of-you celebrity would you want to play you in the movie-version of your life?

If she were still alive, Bea Arthur. She’s tall, strong and sexy as hell.

7) Your blog has hit it big – a million hits came in yesterday. Just as many are expected tomorrow what do you post for tomorrow?

Nude pictures of my ex-girlfriend. Finally, a large enough audience to provide the appropriate level of humiliation…Of course, I’m kidding. I’d actually post an exclusive interview with the hilarious and fantastic Brad Stanley.

*My work buddy L came up with this awesome questions. Though he’s never seen this blog.

Big thanks to CorruptCamel for answering the questions – be sure to check out his fantastico blog here.

And look for another interview next (month? I don’t know) with …TBD! (Oooh, cliff hanger!)

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