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Teary-Eyed Tourist

australia light house great ocean roadIt’s windy at the top of a light house, about 100 feet up. And wind makes my eyes water pretty quickly (if I sit at the front of a roller coaster, I come off the ride looking like I have just experienced an emotional breakthrough).

The tour guide was standing next to me.

“The wind makes me cry,” I say, as an explanation for the waterworks.
“Yeah,” she says laughing, then quickly hides the smile and adds, “it really is a beautiful view.”

Wait … crap.

At that point I’m convinced all she heard me say was cry, and she thinks I’m crying because of the view. She thought I was joking at first, then noticed the tears, and wow, we’ve got a real emotional fella over here.

I mention, casually, about three times over the course of the next five minutes, how windy conditions make my eyes water. I can’t mention it enough. And I realize, my over-the-top casual mentions of this have probably confirmed to her that I cry when I see pretty views.

If you visit Australia, and a stereotype for Americans is that we cry at pretty views … well, now you’ll know where it came from.

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Yup, This Happened

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Just Back from Vegas …

I didn’t want to think and do a real post, so here’s this … (also, so you know, my money doesn’t go toward gambling. For me it’s food, booze, and a show or two. And the people watching, but that’s free.)

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