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Doge Meme + Awful Race Photos Equals …

Earlier this month I ran a 10k. The race was my best 10k time yet, which is exciting. Also exciting was the fact that the event photographer took a picture of me where I look pretty good (not a lazy stride, and I look like I am trying instead of bored or in pain).


The event photographer took two pictures of me where I look absolutely horrible. They are amazing pictures. For the first time ever I ordered race photos (those puppies are overpriced). I framed them in $1 frames from Michael’s which I painted with the Doge meme and some lucky family members got these as gifts. For everyone else … There’s this blog post.

Race Photo 2

Determination? Instant old age? What is this look on my face?


Race Photo 1

It was a VERY cold race, and my theory is I was moving my jaw around here because it felt kind of frozen in place. Result? Poetry in motion.

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