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Doge Meme + Awful Race Photos Equals …

Earlier this month I ran a 10k. The race was my best 10k time yet, which is exciting. Also exciting was the fact that the event photographer took a picture of me where I look pretty good (not a lazy stride, and I look like I am trying instead of bored or in pain).


The event photographer took two pictures of me where I look absolutely horrible. They are amazing pictures. For the first time ever I ordered race photos (those puppies are overpriced). I framed them in $1 frames from Michael’s which I painted with the Doge meme and some lucky family members got these as gifts. For everyone else … There’s this blog post.

Race Photo 2

Determination? Instant old age? What is this look on my face?


Race Photo 1

It was a VERY cold race, and my theory is I was moving my jaw around here because it felt kind of frozen in place. Result? Poetry in motion.

Am I an Alchemist?

How do you turn a pink bunny rabbit … into bronze? You get third place (in your age bracket) at a Halloween-themed run!

Nightmare Run Stretch

I’m so fast even while stretching I’m a blur …

Nightmare Run Action Pose

Some kind of action pose, huh?
The outfit is actually a set of woman’s onesie pajamas from Target. I cut off the little bunny rabbit feet which allowed my legs to actually fit which helped with the run.

Nightmare Run Jumping Rabbit

The weird thing is this is by far my best ever race photo from an event photographer. I should dress as a rabbit for more runs I guess.


Running Thoughts, part 1

I am getting back into running long distances as part of my training for the Tough Mudder and, I’ll tell you, it inspires weird thoughts.

I’m not alone in this, as the author of The Oatmeal also described the same thing. Although he is much more popular, runs farther than me, faster than me, and is funnier than me. Classic jerk if you ask me.

This past Sunday I ran 9 miles in Galveston. It was a nice change of scenery from my usual long runs, but there was one problem: the mosquitoes (I have since realized that even where I live the mosquitoes seem to have taken over). The abundance of mosquitoes (and the long distance) took my mind to a weird thought …

I decided that mosquitoes are the world’s most intelligent species. Many years ago they began collecting blood samples from different animals all over the world and studying them. They would bring these samples back to local labs and look to see what animals were best at surviving. A utilitarian species, the mosquitoes (who were not at the time the same mosquitoes as we know them) realized something: they were not fit for survival.

The optimally designed rat finks.

These primitive mosquitoes saw, by their extensive research and studying, that the ideal form for survival was … well, mosquitoes as we know them today. But there came to be a disagreement in the community of mosquitoes. A gathering of all the chief researchers was organized and it did not go as planned. Instead of the group coming together with one optimal design for survival, a schism hit the group.

Each group had definite characteristics that could be noticed. Group A was more outgoing, social, and adventurous. They looked at the design idea for the mosquito and saw perfection.

Group B was more withdrawn. They often preferred to look at their conclusions on their own, in the dark, away from others. This group saw the idea of flying as needlessly dangerous. They presented a second idea. They claimed this would be just as hearty and could withstand anything the first design could withstand, and then some. Group B became … cockroaches.

So there you have it. That’s what I was thinking about while dog tired and staring at this beautiful scenery.

Galveston Texas

Galveston, TX

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