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All’s Whale That Ends Whale

Coming this fall prepare yourself for the latest cheap capitalization on a family name with Captain Ahab, Ishmael and the gang.¬†Joseph H. Melville, great great grandson of Herman Melville, will take you on a brand new adventure with some familiar faces in All’s Whale That Ends Whale.

Was the white whale that Captain Ahab saw actually just a large human body floating in the ocean a ways away? And was that human body murdered? And say, didn’t that one shipmate say he used to work as a detective?

Who’s this lovely lady who is a ship inspector? Can Ahab charm her away from the unsafe practices on his ship … and into his arms?

Is the crew extra mutinous today, or is that a case of the fabled vampire scurvy, scurvy that causes vampire-like tendencies to develop?

And what’s that over the ocean, a space ship! … from OUTER SPACE?

Find out all of this, AND MORE, in All’s Whale That Ends Whale!

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