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Happy Thanksgiving!! – IMPLOSIONS!

I did an audio recording where I pretended to find romance and then (gasp!) it turned out to be me calling for ‘Frank, from the TSA’ and I had thought of him because I’d just gone to the bathroom and found a latex glove.

Now that’s COMEDY!

Unfortunately you have to pay a bit extra to do an audio post, so instead here are some pictures.

My senior year of college some friends and I drove from Dallas, Texas to Las Vegas, Nevada. Otherwise known as VEGAS BABY! While there we were delighted to learn that there was going to be an IMPLOSION!

The Star Dust Resort and Casino was imploded on March 13th, 2007 around 2:33 am. Only in Vegas would an implosion become a must-see show taking place at 2:30 am.


The Hotel

Other people were also excited about this

Pre-KaBOOM Show (1/2)

Pre-KaBOOM Show (2/2)

Let the smoke clear before …

My pictures of the actual implosion sucked – but this guys vid is cool

You could maybe tell the cloud of … doom … moved quickly

Very, very quickly …

Notice the smart guy with the mask on. Right after the implosion I was still standing there awed by the awesome-ness of it, but everyone else is putting on masks, or covering their mouths with something …

Vegas = Drinking. Vegas + Implosion = Ruh Roh.

Some random car (and this parking lot was a ways off)

What a handsome young man (frightening)

It’s kind of fun until you realize that’s building covering my face/hair/body/throat. Thankfully, again, it was Vegas – so we weren’t the dirtiest people around.

Fine – since it’s a Vegas post – here’s some nudity.

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