The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.


My little work space is shared with a guy who has two (I think) little kids. And so I thought of the phrase “a parents work is never ending.” Which naturally led to this poem. Any time I can do a joke about “Mom – you don’t get me, I’m going to the mall” I’m happy. Hope you enjoy it.

A Child’s Work

A child’s work is never ending
Because rules aren’t good unless they’re bending
And threats aren’t worthwhile unless they’re rescinding

Oh yes, I know, I’ve heard it’s tough to be a parent
And with all your effort at the end of the day you’re just so spent
But give credit to those heaven-sent-demon-children who are so malcontent

Do you think it’s easy to make you worry 24/7?
NO!, You have to hate bike helmets, and cross-walks, and love late night trips to the 7-11,
While wearing that black t-shirt and those expensive jeans (you’re for all mankind, but not their wallets, right seven?).

Do you think it’s easy to roll eyes so much?
NO!, It takes hard work and planning and just the right touch,
And deliberately mentioning so and so and then getting angry when you bring up such and such.

Do you think it’s easy to spend that much time at the mall food court being moody?
NO!, Moody is very tiring and exhausting but it’s in this season, you see?
And when Becky told Lisa that Jimmy said hey to Claire it’s just – GOD you don’t GET ME!

Do you think it’s easy coming in four nights a week right after curfew?
NO!, You’ve said the curfew so many, many times forgetting it is hard to do
And then having to remember to say sorry sorry, and it’s nothing really but pretending to give much ado.

Do you think it’s easy asking one more time why that can’t be done (especially since kevin’s parents are cool and he’s going)?
NO!, Are you kidding? You’re kidding, right? You’re kidding. Why can’t you just – you’ve got to be kidding!
It’s very difficult to understand why you don’t get that the house party will have no alcohol/danger/that one friend/older kids/any kind of smoking.

Yes, a parent’s work is never ending
And your rules come from on high and your words of wisdom are so wise and your threats aren’t idle thumb spinning
But that’s only because a child’s work is ALSO never ending (and we’re much less forgiving).

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