The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

De Jour of the Week (2/13/10)

The Pedantic Poem

It’s Valentine’s and I’m feeling romantic
So I want to write you a simple poem to say how I feel – without big words like pedantic

We go together like a fat guy and bacon
And unless I’m mistaken
Our love is deeper than a pot heads desire for Fritos
Do you get the full effect of my affection in this prose?

We’re a better team than alcohol and karaoke
There’s nothing better than you and me

We’re more impressive than that steam that rises off bald black football players heads during cold games
To be near you, with you and around you are my only aims

We’re the total opposite of walking to a job interview in a fancy new suit and having a bird crap on your head
You’re the last thought i have before I go to bed

Our love is stronger than a scary con on steroids
I like you so much I’d rather listen to you talk about work than judge people in the tabloids

We fit together better than a sports announcer and mind-numbing amounts of repetition
Doe-eyed, gooey-eyed, mumbling, drooling and grinning like an idiot is my condition

Are you tracking like a VCR?
Romance is wherever you and I are


Happy Valentine’s everybody!
Enjoy some pictures from Anna and I hitting up the San Francisco Valentine’s day pillow fight last year!

Comments on: "De Jour of the Week (2/13/10)" (3)

  1. A Valentine’s Day pillow fight? I have never heard of such a thing lol. You just literally come out with pillows and start swinging?!?

    Also, I definitely agree with the tabloids part: if I ever get to the point with someone where I’d rather listen to them talk about work than to judge … well, absolutely anyone … then I am all over that shiz. We would get married SO RIDICULOUSLY fast, it’s not even funny.

  2. I heart that poem!!!!


  3. Haha! That poem is brilliant. Some of the imagery so… horribly fantastic. “The steam that rises off of bald black football players” that’s just genius.

    Great pictures too.

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