The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Weekly Wacko (29)

Kids These Days!

Note: This happened in California, and I wrote this while still living in California.

One day after work I decided I didn’t want to make any food. This is common enough. I also didn’t want to drive, so that limited me to one of the few fast food places within easy walking distance.

I left my apartment and was still on the street in my neighborhood. I live in a small apartment complex and am mostly surrounded by houses. This makes it feel more like the neighborhoods I’m used to, which is nice.

Three middle school-aged girls were walking in my direction. I was on the phone, calling my sister (she and I both will call each other to help kill time while walking somewhere or driving somewhere – though I do it much more often than she does. Sorry E$).

While passing me one of the girls yelled, “you’re cute!”

I thought this was pretty funny. Ah, to be young and loud and whatever else they are.

Unexpectedly, I heard a slight noise behind me and then –


One of the girls had doubled back, run up behind me and took it upon herself to slap me on the rear end. The old tuchus. After doing this she began to run away while the other girls giggled like hyenas. She yelled, while still running away, “I like your butt!”

Around that time my sister answer and tried to figure out why I was at the same time scared, amused, and more flattered than I’d care to admit.

Comments on: "Weekly Wacko (29)" (2)

  1. HA! I remember that

  2. You were asking for it. Walking down the street, parading in front of those girls.

    Tsk tsk tsk.

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