The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

The Zombie and I were watching The Karate Kid when we started debating: If we were in that movie, which character would we be? Who would be the karate kid, and who would be Mr. Miyagi?

(Played, respectively by, Mr. Awesome, Ralph Macchio and Mr. Short-and-Awesome, Pat Morita.)

I felt like I would be more like Mr. Miyagi, because I feel like I’m smarter than the Zombie. But, that’s sort of an awkward thing to tell your roommate you think you’re smarter than him. Plus, I got the distinct feeling that he felt like he was Mr. Miyagi. (I think he identified with how short he is? I really have no idea.)

That’s when we had this odd moment. We both kind of waved it off like, “ah, who cares.” We did that because we realized, if we’re anybody, we’re Ali Mills (“Ali with an I!”), played by Elisabeth Shue.

(Though to be honest I feel a deep, emotional connection to the karate kid’s mom.)

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