The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

I saw on TNT or TBS or one of those that there was a Bruce Lee movie marathon on, so the zombie and I were pretty jazzed about that.

And, such good luck, we turn to the channel and it’s right at the start of Enter the Dragon! I’d say the start is one of the best parts, but all of the parts of that movie are one of the best parts.

Anyway. As we were watching the movie we began to realize – Bruce Lee movies are like hour and a half long reminders of what bad shape we’re in.

Who can climb down a rope with their body at a right angle?! What the hell Bruce Lee!

Oh dude the one with the huge basketball player’s on now.

Comments on: "My Zombie Roomy (7/7/2010)" (3)

  1. Bruce Lee is still the man, even if nobody is in good shape like he was 😉 I found a Bruce Lee t-shirt at the thrift store and nearly peed myself in excitement.

  2. cousin e said:

    I’m surprised the roomy isn’t in better shape, with all that tense walking and such

  3. Yeah but he died young, so that says to me unhealthy is the way to go. ‘Sides I preferred Brandon.

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