The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

With some changes at work I have a new boss (my ‘tech lead’). He has a pony-tail! I don’t know why men with pony-tails make me giggle, but they do. He seems like a super smart, nice guy, so that’s cool. But that didn’t stop me from writing this dumb poem.

Ode to My Pony-Tail Boss

Life comes
and life goes
But your pony-tail
ever grows

Men may mock
and women gander
All the while the pony-tail
gets ever grander

I picture you sprinting!
Hair flying behind
in the sun glinting!

Does your intellectual prowess
from there derive?
You’ve unlocked
warp-hair-speed drive

His and her sinks
his and her closets
Both you and your wife
make pony-tail holder deposits

I wonder
when you were a boy
Did you have a rat-tail
with dreams of pony-tail joy?

When morale is low
will you say with a smile
“I’ll do pig tails to cheer you up,
“Just for a little while”

Now this poem comes to a close
my boss is looking uncomfortable
I’ve been staring at him and debating
giving his hair a pull

Comments on: "De Jour of the Week (2/7/11)" (7)

  1. Favorite part: “dreams of ponytail joy.” Well done, sir.

  2. Andie Newton said:

    I loved it! I am also feeling better knowing that someone else out there writes poems about stuff like that. I ate some Dannon Greek Yogurt for the 1st time (new product) and I wrote a poem about it and sent it to Dannon. My family thinks I’m nuts…but hey, it made me laugh. And maybe…if someone actually read my email, it made them laugh too. Great post!

    • haha I like that idea … I have 0 plans of sharing this poem with my boss but I have pictured what would happen if he did see it.

      Hey, the internet is made for crazy, so as far as I’m concerned you and I are out there making the internet happy.

  3. That’s too darn funny!
    There are towns where I live, where even all the grand poobahs have pony tails…

  4. Oh my gosh I fell off my chair just now over your poem!

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