The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.


If you don’t have a fancy smart phone, you’ve probably got a friend with one. They’re everywhere.

If you’ve been around these people enough you may have seen them grab the phone and talk into it. “Call … Grandma.” Then wha-la, the phone calls your grandma. Or possibly Pakistan (that technology isn’t fool-proof just yet).

Anyhow – it inspired in me this app idea.


Everyone loves teenagers! They’re so precocious, full of zest, and their attitude inspires … something. Don’t you wish you had their colorful outlook all the time? Get TalkBack!

When you speak to your phone, to issue a simple command, TalkBack! kicks in. Several things can happen, just like when you talk to a teenager!

1 – The phone will ignore you.
2 – The phone will respond, letting you know what it thinks of your command. There are over 500 responses with TalkBack! Responses include:

  • Why don’t you make the call? Lazy much?
  • Huh?
  • Hold on, I’m busy.
  • Oh my God you are kidding – you seriously want me to do that!?
  • Uh … what? Sorry every time you open your mouth I stop paying attention. But sure, try to tell me what it was you said again.

3 – The phone will turn off.

4 – The phone will explain how the F in English is because you’ve yet to get the latest video game, because, I mean really, so much time is wasted walking to and from the friends house who has that game and that time could be spent reading.

5 – The phone will do what you say.

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