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Draw Something


For a while my friends and I played a lot of the app Draw Something. This is a masterpiece from me (clearly the word is Trumpet).


This, from my brother, is … God knows what.


This one I actually think is a guessable drawing from me.



One friend was actually good at the game. It always inspired me to draw even worse in response.


Case in point. (It’s ‘madcow.’)

Monopoly Pieces

I have a Monopoly app on my phone which is great for plane rides. This past time I played I got beat by the computer which was being controlled by AI. Here’s what I noticed, some Monopoly pieces work better than others for beating you.

For example, if I say with anger, “stupid dog!,” that is a phrase that makes sense. “Freaking car!!” also works.

“Gah, stupid wheelbarrow!” … Still works but it doesn’t flow as naturally to me. Maybe if I spent more time with wheelbarrows it would work better.

“Oh COME ON, battle ship!” is certainly something I don’t tend to say. Also, “oh you little a-hole, top hat,” isn’t something I say but maybe if I was a hipster I might have more top hat woes.

Thimble, iron … Other pieces … You guys get the gist.

Action Movie Results

There’s an app called “Action Movie” which is delightful because it allows you to blow stuff up. Here, check it out!

Also, great news, my YouTube page got all the dumber because of these uploads!

Goodbye, Homework!

Traffic is the … WOAHHH! (Awful, I Know)

Sayonara Buc-Ee’s!

P.S. The thing I think the app is best for is to take a movie of a car that has parked just AWFULLY. You know, oozing all over a second lane.

Back from Vegas …

I got back today from Las Vegas, after having gone there for a long weekend with some friends. I am feeling lazy/tired/dead, so I was going to post nothing … but then I had a thought.

Right now there are things like the Nike+ Fuel Band, from Nike’s site:

Through a sports-tested accelerometer, Nike+ FuelBand tracks your daily activity including running, walking, basketball, dancing and dozens of everyday activities. It tracks each step taken and calorie burned. It also tells the time of day.


Cool … ish? There are also Garmin watches that tell you how far you’ve gone (they’re great for running).


Consider this – there are apps that allow you to input what you have eaten, so that you can be very well aware of how healthy or unhealthy you are.


What’s next? – There are eventual going to be apps (if there aren’t already) that allow you to take a picture of what you’ve just eaten. That app will process the picture and give you an estimate on the stats for that food. Calories, grams of protein, grams of fat, etc.


What’s my point? – In Las Vegas, that app will not function. I thought of this because I was thinking about how much stuff that’s bad for me I consumed over the past few days, and I thought it could be interesting and terrible to have an accurate measure of that information.

Simple Pleasures for Simple Minds

Espi (my sister’s cat)


If you don’t have a fancy smart phone, you’ve probably got a friend with one. They’re everywhere.

If you’ve been around these people enough you may have seen them grab the phone and talk into it. “Call … Grandma.” Then wha-la, the phone calls your grandma. Or possibly Pakistan (that technology isn’t fool-proof just yet).

Anyhow – it inspired in me this app idea.


Everyone loves teenagers! They’re so precocious, full of zest, and their attitude inspires … something. Don’t you wish you had their colorful outlook all the time? Get TalkBack!

When you speak to your phone, to issue a simple command, TalkBack! kicks in. Several things can happen, just like when you talk to a teenager!

1 – The phone will ignore you.
2 – The phone will respond, letting you know what it thinks of your command. There are over 500 responses with TalkBack! Responses include:

  • Why don’t you make the call? Lazy much?
  • Huh?
  • Hold on, I’m busy.
  • Oh my God you are kidding – you seriously want me to do that!?
  • Uh … what? Sorry every time you open your mouth I stop paying attention. But sure, try to tell me what it was you said again.

3 – The phone will turn off.

4 – The phone will explain how the F in English is because you’ve yet to get the latest video game, because, I mean really, so much time is wasted walking to and from the friends house who has that game and that time could be spent reading.

5 – The phone will do what you say.

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