The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Recently my parents had their anniversary (of what, you ask? Of marriage I say!).

My sister came up with this idea (she saw it on some random guys blog I think) – you take an old photo and then try and recreate it. We found a good photo, unfortunately it was from when we lived in Korea, so we didn’t go back to the scene of the original photo. Instead I attempted some crappy copy-and-paste and … well, just check it out.

Original Photo!

Removed! (Just looks kind of neat)


Comments on: "Congrats to My Folkses!!" (4)

  1. haha Bradley this is awesome! Your family is hilarious & such good sports! 🙂

  2. Cocktails of History and Prose said:

    That is cool! Love those tube socks. That picture reminds me of the vanishing picture from “Back to the future”. I gotta figure out how to do that…. but then again, it probably would just take up too much of my time, and I’ve already got this gig doing extreme couponing. It’s not really working out…whatev.

  3. I’d say you did a pretty darn good job ot it!
    It’s nice when you can run with your imagination and it works out!

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