The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

If you see a name that is difficult, lets say like a city in Iceland, do you just say Gobbledigook or Hersky-Bersky-Land or Gurrba-Grabba-Gooba or somesuch nonsense? Or is that just me? Look at these city names, they’re practically forcing me to speak gibberish.

Thanks wiki page on Iceland.


Comments on: "Am I Extra Dumb, or Regular Dumb?" (2)

  1. According to Wikipedia, the letter Þ is pronounced like the “th” in “think” (vocal cords don’t vibrate) while ð is pronounced like the “th” in “them” (vocal cords do vibrate). I don’t speak Icelandic, but it seems to me that the first three letters in “Þorlákshöfn”, the last city in your list, would be pronounced “Thor”.

    • haha oh this made me laugh … Anand I think only rare people like you would actually look that up and learn it. This is why you wear a cool lab coat and use big words, and I grab towels, pretend they’re capes, and run around.

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