The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Recently Airplanes, Rainbow Speak and I did one of those BYOB art things. They seem to be getting popular. I’ve seen lots of names for them: Pinot and Picasso, Painting with a Twist, Painties in a Twist, Rum and Rembrandt, Vino and Van Gogh, etc. (Some of those I made up just now.)

It was a lot of fun. Here’s our brilliant art.


(Who stuck very close to what we were told to do.)


(Signed with my artist name, D.M. Dorcesthire)

Rainbow Speak

(Not that you can win at art, but that night he won at art. Just look at the pirate ship.)

Comments on: "Art Champions of the World" (2)

  1. undercovermogwai said:

    I would totally hang the pirate ship one on my wall. That’s awesome!

    • But not mine!?! The nerve!!

      Someone told me they would pay upwards of one American dollar for my painting.

      (But yeah, Rainbow’s is super awesome. I’ll pass on your kind words.)

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