The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Post-It Portraits

A number of months ago I went to a cool little art showing where all of the art was done on post-it notes. I think the rules were that you could do anything on the post-it, although it may have been limited to drawing on them. I bought two. One I gave as a gift, and the other is Ash, from Army of Darkness.

Pretty sweet, right? The other one is of Animal, the Muppet!

At work on Monday after attending this event I told Juicebox about it.

“Wow wow wow … post-it note art? You mean … like this?”

Juicebox, artistic wizard that he is, whipped up this portrait of yours truly (maybe another time I’ll post his dry-erase board art creations). A pretty spot-on picture of me leaning against his cube wall. Over the next two weeks, when I’d stop by to talk, he’d draw another one. They would vary depending on what was going on.

Oh, and also, my friends like to joke about how I am very tall and thin. So, there’s that.

Me with a coffee cup (or a thumbs up?)

Me doing a robot-dance of some sort

Me and my fancy cell phone (I’m one of few non smart-phone users at work)

Me confused? I guess?

Posing like a super hero! (Plus some sort of crown?)

The night before this one I had made a pretty sweet Frisbee play (or probably someone else had)

Kudos, Juicebox! And your artistic talents!

Comments on: "Post-It Portraits" (5)

  1. Those are pretty good! I wish I could draw that well…

  2. undercovermogwai said:

    And where is the sticky note art you were supposed to make for me? Huh? HUH?

  3. Juicebox said:

    Aww thanks! I’m still working on my sig though.

  4. This Juicebox fellow should have an exhibit at a gallery. Clearly a genius. haha

    I do love the Ash one. That is cool.

  5. I actually really enjoyed those. Takes me back to my comic drawing days, Chronices of Triangle Head (also a stick figure). And by takes me back, I mean about a year ago in grad school. I hope to see more of these.

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