The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.


Today is Sunday, May 6th, and I was texting with Airplanes and Rainbow Speak to see if they’d like to have lunch. Lunch didn’t pan out, but I was amused at how different our Sundays were going.


Airplanes – Watching Oprah (“Aw, I miss her” she said to me) and eating soup.

Juicebox – Playing soccer. Go Juicebox!!

Rainbow Speak – Watching Parks and Rec, with plans to read some Plato a little later.

Myself – Watching ‘Whitest Kids U Know” and eating fast food.


It was the difference between Airplanes and I that really made me laugh. When I texted Rainbow Speak I was really hoping he’d be up to something completely different as well, but his and I plans were pretty similar. My hope was his text was a lie, and that he’s actually building a paper-mache unicorn farm right now.


In case you were curious, this may very well be my most boring post ever. You’re welcome.

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