The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

This past weekend I went to Houston’s Free Press Summer Fest! It was a blast. I’m going to end up with a number of posts about this, but I’ll start with a dumb/fun one (see what I did there?). Juicebox and I bought really nice lederhosen last September at Oktoberfest … so we decided to unveil the beautiful clothes for the summerfest. Because why not?

Juicebox and I were standing around and a guy walking through has a t-shirt on that has a design as though it IS lederhosen. So we all stare at each other and nod and say all right. A few hours later we ran into each other again and nod at each other like we’ve all just said something really intelligent.

Comments on: "The Power of the Lederhosen" (4)

  1. The storyteller said:

    I am counting hands and things aren’t adding up. Well done getting the ladies to participate. I think the one on the far right is cursing her decision though.

    • haha I got a good chuckle out of the counting hands thing … I looked at the picture again and you raise an interesting point

  2. Love the lederhosen, but how is there no explanation for the bottom pic?

    • Haha well … I went up and said, “my buddy wants a picture with a bunch of girls so he looks like a stud.” And they all said “OK!” and then I said, “after that – can we do a picture where you’re all holding me horizontally?” And they were just the right amount of drunk to be game, but not drop me.

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