The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

I’m still taking classes and plugging away at my Master’s. Some of these classes are interesting, some are boring, but all of them have dorky books. Here are some pictures of the chapter headings from Principles of Computer Security.

To be fair to whoever picked the cover, who doesn’t love a Tron inspired design.

Master's Class

At the end of chapter one it says, “By now you should have the idea of security … locked down.” Just kidding, it doesn’t say that, it says something all knowledge-y and wisdom-imparting-y. Borrrrinnnnng.

Master's Class

She doesn’t trust you! Or wait, we don’t trust her? Or something smelly is in the brief case? I don’t know.

Master's Class

All that time you thought cryptography was complicated? Nope, you just need to look for the highlighted text, that’s your password.

Master's Class

These wires put the FUN in … whatever.

Master's Class

There’s the Earth and then … woah! a magic map thing and then WOAH straight up DATA!!


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