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Attn: Ellen (5/15/13)


Ellen DeGeneres Washington D.C.

Back (apologies for my handwriting!)

Ellen DeGeneres postcard

The text of the postcard is

Dear Ellen,

If my life was a soccer game on a Spanish-speaking channel, last night there would’ve been one of those at-first-funny-but-then-annoying 5 minute long “goaaaal!” announcements.

Why? Because I’m done with my Master’s*!

*If it turns out I failed my final, that would be an own goal announcement.


Why am I doing this?

Here’s What You Missed Last Week

I’m still taking classes and plugging away at my Master’s. Some of these classes are interesting, some are boring, but all of them have dorky books. Here are some pictures of the chapter headings from Principles of Computer Security.

To be fair to whoever picked the cover, who doesn’t love a Tron inspired design.

Master's Class

At the end of chapter one it says, “By now you should have the idea of security … locked down.” Just kidding, it doesn’t say that, it says something all knowledge-y and wisdom-imparting-y. Borrrrinnnnng.

Master's Class

She doesn’t trust you! Or wait, we don’t trust her? Or something smelly is in the brief case? I don’t know.

Master's Class

All that time you thought cryptography was complicated? Nope, you just need to look for the highlighted text, that’s your password.

Master's Class

These wires put the FUN in … whatever.

Master's Class

There’s the Earth and then … woah! a magic map thing and then WOAH straight up DATA!!

Weekly Wacko (48)

Dear Diary/Blog,

Today is my first Masters class (or is it masters?, or Masters’?) … thankfully it’s an engineering one so that question doesn’t matter that much.

Anyhow – I have mixed feelings about this.

It’s nice for the obvious reasons – if I get a masters it’ll help my ‘career’, my company is assisting in paying for it (BOO YAH!).

It’s bad for the following reason – I don’t like thinking of myself as having a ‘career.’

I remember when my brother told my folks they’d be grandparents my mom was not in favor of the idea of being labeled a “grandmother.” I’ve since seen the same reaction on some sitcom or movie or something. Anyhow – she pointed out that grandma’s have white hair and are this and that. And she wasn’t those things.

[This unwillingness to accept the idea of being “grandma” led my mom to try and find another name besides grandma. Not mee-ma, not o-ma (or however you spell that), but something new. Something hip and fresh. My sister and I leaped on this and suggested things for my mom and dad like, “tango & cash,” “salt & pepper,” “beavis and butthead,” “cinderella and ugly-stick,” etc. … The Cinderella one I just now made up, the others we did suggest.]


I think this reluctance to embrace the idea of being a ‘career’ person is very common among people my age … and I don’t know if it’s a problem or a good thing (I’d lean toward problem but probably just because I’m more old-fashioned) but it boils down to – so what?

I’m not going to quit and join the Peace Corps (though it’d be very neat) because I’d feel like I was doing the wrong thing. I have a nice job, I make money, I’m in a good program at work, I am actually enjoying work … but all the while the thought lingers – ‘is this what I really want?’

I wrote before about how nice the IDEA of writing (and being published and supplementing my income) and being a teacher would be. But the key thing there is the word IDEA – would I enjoy being a teacher, would I be good at it? Who knows.

What’s my point in all this? No point, really. Just complaining. Oh, the terrible woes of a to-be suburbanite. It’s life, and I realize that, but every once and a while you’ve just got to do an old fashioned bitch-session.

If anyone reading this wants to give me a billion dollars to travel the world and read good books – you can take this problem right out of my hands for me. Any takers??

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