The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

The world is changing quickly these days – with fast-paced technology induced changes being one of the most obvious. But another change is the genetic make up of the world. Interracial marriages are on the rise, according to a USA Today article.

How does that impact you? If you don’t think different races should mix, it makes you angry. If you love this sort of thing, or have a personal relationship with an interracial marriage, it probably makes you happy. The thinking might be that having this be more common will make it more accepted, and if it’s more accepted interracial marriages won’t get looks, and children of these situations will not have to hear narrow-minded comments.

For the average person, the rise of interracial marriages probably means nothing for you. Right? Wrong. There is a devious, underhanded process in the makings, my friends.

Inter-Racially Based Stereotype Product Placements

Will black and white cookies suddenly sky rocket in sales as siblings with tacky senses of humor buy them as baby shower gifts?

Prepare yourself for God awful movies like Madea Wong Goes to Court. Is Madea Wong a lawyer, or being convicted? Maybe both, based on stereotypes.

How about Tobasco-infused cheese for your average half black, half white kid?

What’s that on that Anquan Juarez’s menu? Burritos with watermelon in them? He’s so crazy.


Take note, friends!, the changing commercial landscape will be hitting you soon!

Comments on: "The Changing Genetic Landscape, and Its Impact On You" (1)

  1. One day we won’t be able to tell what anybody is. I draw the line at intermingling with the dead though…

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