The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

I just learned something CRAZY … but, you know, it kind of makes sense.

Apparently 97% of commercials featuring a weirdly, over-the-top-happy family (you know, the kind where you think, ‘really product? This is ridiculously obvious’) … Well, apparently … Those aren’t actors. In fact, the people don’t even know they’re being filmed.

It’s just old home movies from random Mormon families.

Comments on: "Woah! Unexpected Commercial News!" (3)

  1. That’s funny! I knew a Mormon family once that seemed just perfect. Seriously, the mom dressed up everyday and even wore an apron most of the time. I don’t remember the exact details of what happened, but I believe the mom ended it all with sleeping pills. I wonder if they were in a commercial…

  2. Why did the “the more you know” jingle flash through my mind after I finished reading?

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