The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

I don’t know what being abducted by an alien is like … but if I experience it, and it turns out to be like a Bassnectar concert, I wouldn’t be that surprised – you know, crazy flashing lights, crazy sounds, alien abduction-y things.



Also, I have to admit, I don’t really like that kind of music … but I enjoy those concerts (at least in rare doses). Well, minus all the smell of smoke.

Comments on: "What I Learned About Alien Abductions" (2)

  1. Judging by the rest of my family, I suspect that I am currently abducted…

  2. I was abducted by aliens once. Nice guys. They told me I could ask them any one question to find out the secret before they would erase it from my memory. I asked about the whole hot dog bun vs hot dogs thing. I’m told I was quite satisfied by the answer.

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