The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Why So Lazy?

This week I had my Wednesday post, which I had set up a while ago, a post yesterday … and this. Not my most ambitious blogging week. What I would like to do now, in a continued trend of a lack of creativity, is explain why.

  • Netflix just had a bunch of seasons of shows that I like come out – this makes me happy but you would be surprised how fast it can get to be bedtime and you’ve accomplished nothing
    • What’s really bad is when I watch a show a WHOLE BUNCH OF TIMES then go to bed and end up having dreams that the characters are in … It sounds like it’d be cool, after all I am a big fan of whatever show it is, but really I’m just sick of them. But then I wake up, go to work, and start watching as soon as I get home.
    • It’s just no good.
  • I have my NCAA football game (the only place you’ll find an SMU team that is playing well), Halo 4, Dark Souls, and my buddy is out of town for the weekend so he lent me GTA V … That does not spell creative outlets but instead creating a dent in my couch
    • Actually two dents in my couch: one for my body, one for where I punch when I can’t believe that guy just … ARGGHHHH game you make me so angry (check back Monday for more on this riveting topic!)
  • I saw a little blurb online about a game called Tiny Death Star – the blurb mentioned that the makers of this upcoming Star Wars game for smart phones had also made a fun game called Tiny Towers
    • Nothing bad seems to happen (so there’s no challenge) … But I can’t stop dictating the world of my Tiny Tower citizens!
    • In the game one of my people had a dream job to work in a Tea Shop … and I made this happen … I am a just and good ruler


Ok, back to the limitless mindless diversions … Next week I’m back with a vengeance!

Or not.

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  1. You should try a game called Kingdom Rush. Then wave goodbye to the rest of your free time.

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