The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

I am not good at doing anything musical – but I do know I like to make up fake facts and stories.

That’s why I would like to advertise my services as a guy who will write the little banter between songs that explains the inspiration for the upcoming song, and as a bonus I’ll throw in the title of the song too.

Here’s just a sampling of my wares:

I was playing some gigs in Texas and one morning I got a couple kolaches from a gas station in New Braunsfels and they didn’t sit well with me. This next song is about that it’s called “Life is Risk.”

Recently I had a very vivid dream about the John Steinback novel The Red Pony. I hadn’t read it in more than 15 years but the dream was powerful so this one is called: “Killer Horseshoe.”

Heartbreak is a double edged sword. It is the fire that burns your heart to the ground, giving the nutrients for a springtime blossoming of feelings to emerge after time has passed. This song is about my ex, our break up, and moving on, it’s called, “I hope you get trampled by a gang of midget ponies you ass face.”

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