The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Hello dear avid readers, how are you today?

As some of you are I’m sure aware, people like to ask me for medical advice a lot. I always try my best to answer their questions and I thought I’d share some of the past few questions I’ve received and my answers with everyone.

And remember, for medical questions, just shoot me an email at, post a comment, try Twitter @DumbFunnery, or Facebook on the DumbFunnery page. My God I’m incredibly available to reach. You might be tempted to think I’m making up the idea of people ever writing in to ask questions, but that’s just silly.

On to the very real questions!


1. Recently my nephew was diagnosed with something that apparently only kids can catch. It’s called ‘hand, foot and mouth disease.’ Is it REALLY only contagious with kids?

Hey pal, sorry about your nephew. That stinks! On to your question: In most cases the disease is found in people 5 years and younger. However it can sometimes also be caught by adults. What doctors won’t tell you is that if you are young at heart, you are just as susceptible to the disease as a child, so be wary.


2. What’s this growth?

Woah! Heya buddy, that’s puberty in action!


3. I recently strained my calf while playing softball. How long do you think I’ll have to wait before I can play softball again?

You got injured playing softball? Huh. Maybe sports aren’t your thing.


Thanks for the questions everyone, and remember, stay healthy!

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