The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Let’s say you’re out and about, and it’s near a holiday, and you overhear someone say something on a phone, or radio, or … any other device that I can’t think of. Something about it doesn’t seem right – the tone of voice, something in the air isn’t right, or maybe … maybe it’s a really dorky phrase.

Here are just five of the many possible bad joke call signs/code phrases that let you know something is about to go down.

“This is Roundhouse … Things are kicking off.”

“This is bull, I’m at the China shop.”

“Papa Smurf, this is Azrael, I’m on the prowl.”

“One checking in …”
“Two checking in …”
“Three checking in …”
“Four checking in …”
“Sounds like we’re ready to rock.”

“This is sugar, I’m at the spice factory, commencing operation ‘make nice.'”

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