The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Good Signs and Bad Omens

The other day an email pointed out an amazing difference between my wife and I: she believes in good signs, I believe in the ability to jinx myself.

I got an email and said to her, “hey check this out – I got an email advertising this.” And she said, with hope and excitement, “that’s a good sign!!”

And I said, with fear and worry, “but by acknowledging this email I probably jinxed myself!”

Which one are you? If you are out on a stroll the day before some big event – a presentation, your first ever 5k, a big date – and you see something totally unrelated to your life zip by which you can nevertheless relate to your life … Is it a good sign, or a bad omen? Does seeing that and thinking it could be something positive in turn make it something negative? By telling yourself you will fail, do you help prevent failure? Or by telling yourself you will succeed, do you give yourself the confidence needed to truly succeed?

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