The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

  • Guy from Cinderella – feet
  • Guy from Sleeping Beauty – let’s not get into that
  • Guy from Little Mermaid – girls who, when they laugh, sound kinda like a dolphin
  • Guy from Rapunzel – you know that thing where you get a haircut but you never get rid of the hair instead you build like a little home? This guy knows allll about that
  • Guy from Beauty and the Beast – rumor has it when he was first turned into a “beast” he thought, “sweet, I’ll weed out the weird girls who aren’t into animals” … but then I guess he realized, as a beast, how much more difficult it was to use toilet paper so he was a little fed up with the idea of being a beast at that point

Hey girl, lemme see those feet … Awwwyissss

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