The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.


A few weeks ago my wife and I were driving home and we saw one, two, three … I have no idea how many, but a bunch of prairie dogs! How cool!

A few days later we headed out on our bikes. I was convinced I’d be able get a good close-up picture of these little buggers.

Apparently, though, cars don’t cause those guys to sound the alarm … but bikers, joggers and walkers do. Try as I might, I couldn’t get nearly as close as I was when zipping by them in my car.

I don’t know which intrepid prairie dogs were the first ones to take up home next to a busy road, but they have learned to think nothing of cars. When you think about it, that’s a pretty crazy and intelligent step for them. Was it a quick step? Or was the first family of prairie dogs that lived near a road a family that was constantly on edge? Constantly out chirping at each other,

“Alan! Steve! Get back in here! There’s trouble afoot! … Oh it’s gone. Ok nevermind. WAIT! NO! Trouble afoot again! Wait, gone ag – IT’S B … Ok, gone. NO!”

You get the idea. will kindly allow you to buy me a fancy camera so I can get a great picture from a distance. Really, I don’t mind at all. Buy me one. It’s totally cool.

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