The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Illuminating? Nah.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.06.18 PM

I took the transcript of Trump’s interview with the Washington Post editorial board and I narrowed it down to just Trump’s answers. I thought, ‘this will be really interesting!’ Is it? Mildly.

In the course of the interview, Trump said 9,213 words. Above are the top 50 most commonly used. The word ‘don’t’ was actually the most used, but the tool I used is apparently a piece of junk and can’t handle contractions.

A few thoughts!

  • A challenge to you, dear reader, take these 50 words and make them into a story. (Below, see my attempt!)
  • No joke, one of the 50 most commonly used words in that interview … was Trump!
  • Think was most used (87 times), then people (71), don’t (75 times)
  • Actually was only used 19 times, which surprised me (I could’ve sworn he said that every sentence)


Here is the Trump interview, using only those 50 words.

Okay Baltimore person, start? Oh.
Everybody send stories, read, writes thought … talking jobs done different, create change.
Problem: People probably saying China bad.
Trump think screaming American spending million troops work really tremendous.
Money things win world, country. Building example happened.
Heard guy hands going give better something? Lot!

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