The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

Flea Market

A trip to the flea market inevitably brings boredom, delight, amusement, and occasionally fear. Who are these people that own so many framed clown prints? Why?

Things I Regret Not Buying

photo 4(1)

Something I now WON’T overhear at the office? “Hey did you see the new guy has a Burger King toy? I told you he has potential.” Opportunity missed.

Things I Do NOT Regret Not Buying

photo 3(1)

I don’t need a guide to cooking food I don’t want to eat.


photo 2(1)

Hey darling! Remember when you said you wanted to have more unsettling, unnerving dreams? I found the PERFECT thing for our bedroom!

photo 1(1)

Rejected (barely) Trump slogan.

photo 5(1)

You can’t tell but the clown is blocking the letters ‘O’, ‘R’, ‘T.’ Look into that bear’s eyes and tell me he’s not afraid.


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