The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

If you’ve watched Game of Thrones then you’re no doubt familiar with the show’s theme song. But do you know the words to the theme song? Probably not, because there aren’t any. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Go ahead and click play and sing along. Personally I find singing out loud to an unwilling audience is best (insincerest apologies to my wife). In fact, get your unwilling audience to join it, it’s probably best as a duet.

This is my map

This is my map

This is my map


(Then some other stuff kicks in)

My map … is a good map … yes it is … (This is my map x4)

My map … is a rad map .. it’s got gears (This is my map x4)

My map – check it out, man – it’s so fun! (This is my map x4)

Look guys, it’s the cool-est, am I riiiiight? (This is my map x4)

Woah man it’s majestic, I’m so proud (This is my map x4)

Zooooming in to the wall now (This is my mapx4)

<I’ll be honest, at this point I make up new words every time, so just have fun with it and make sure you use the word map a LOT. Clearly they’re proud of this map.>

(And the end there’s some kinda tingling type noise and it gets quieter, so just whisper mumble about lesser maps in a condescending way.)

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