The intellectual equivalent of a ham sandwich.

February Haiku

February 1
Started Game of Thrones
Cause when reality bites
Watch depressing shows?

February 2
Toastmasters today
Only five braved icy roads
To meet … for coffee

February 3
Do I feel ennui?
Do I face a lack of LIFE!?
No, wait, I’m gassy

February 4
Wife’s birthday today!
I got her a card, necklace,
And picked on her less

February 5
Football season done
What will I do with more time!
Eh, nothing of worth

February 6
His body weakened
Fear shown plainly on his face
(Blood drawn – I’m a wuss)

February 7
I make brash, bold claims
Then support with “evidence”
And end with grace. SAD!

February 8
Guy slams his stall door
Which jars my stall door open …
Fear waddle mode: on

February 9
Basement workout: done!
Lifting weights and breathing
That sweet, sweet radon

February 10
Goodbye lunch today
And he gave us all thank you notes!
Such a kind person

February 11
Nine mile trail jog
Followed by sitting around
For twelve hours – impressed?

February 12
Wife back from a trip
And she brought blue bell ice cream
This, my friends, is love

February 13
SAFe Scrum Master test
(It was as cool as it sounds)
(And I’m pleased I passed!)

February 14
Happy Valentine’s!
Whether single or paired up,
You should buy me stuff

February 15
Step 1: lots of dishes
Step 2: headphones, and Step 3:
Caravan Palace

February 16
Warm days in winter
(Just ignore climate science)
And soak up that sun!


February 17
Picnic with the wife
Chicken salad and chatter
Hard to beat that lunch!

February 18
10 mile trail jog
Building up trail tolerance
Then eating with glee

February 19
Don Trump ate some Swedish fish
Got stuck in his teeth

February 20
Thanks past presidents!
Pained noise and curt nod to our
Current president

February 21
My watch buzzes – “Move!”
Watch, like I want to move and –
Oh, my coffee’s low!

February 22
Today: t-shirt on
Tomorrow: snow’s predicted
Weather, you crazy

February 23
Freezing rain outside
Weather like this justifies
Coffee with Swiss Miss

February 24
The cool air greets me
Snow flakes fall in slow motion
Snow globe kind of day

February 25
Friend’s birthday dinner
Beer plus small social life means
I’m VERY chatty

February 26
Wake up and decide
Jog with temps in the high teens?
Or go get doughnuts …

February 27 (Monday)
Intern interview
My questions were ‘easiest’
“How goes!?” can be tough?

February 28 (Tuesday)
Writing four days late
…Nothing of note comes to mind
That’s just depressing

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