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What If You Look From This Angle?

One day I was happy to go and give a talk about math-y/science-y/space-y stuff to my nephew’s fourth grade class. It was a lot of fun for me to talk about nerdy things and
feel smart. The kids, I think, enjoyed it and seemed engaged and they asked questions.
One of the questions I got was – and I have to admit this surprised me – if the moon landing was fake.
I answered without any scientific proof or any deep dive into conspiracy theories and debunking them, not just because I don’t know anything about that so I lacked the knowledge,
but also because I think my counter argument is pretty good and it doesn’t rely on intelligence.
I asked if he had ever tried to keep a secret. He nodded yes. And then, was it tough to keep that secret? He nodded yes. Do you think, if everyone in your school had to keep the
same secret, could they do it? He shook his head emphatically no.
The odds that any one of the SIX times astronauts have been to the moon was fake and that ALL OF THE INVOLVED EMPLOYEES managed to keep it a secret? Pft. Not a chance.
Now, let’s take a jump to a different topic.
If you went to a doctor and that doctor said, ‘you’re good’ and you said ‘phew’ but you continued to notice things that seem funny or different, you’d probably get a second
opinion because it’s your body and that is pretty important to you staying alive.
Let’s say you are a skeptic, and insanely wealthy, and a bit of a masochist, and you have a lot of free time on your hands and so you go to one hundred doctors. (See what I mean
about a masochist?)
If 97 of those 100 said – yeah, somethings up
If 84 of those 100 said – yeah, something is up and you are causing it
Would you listen to the 16 and move along? Or would you think, at the very minimum, even if those 84 out of 100 folks are wrong, maybe I should take some steps here and there …
Well, friend, you just convinced yourself you oughta take climate change more seriously. The body is key to living, but the planet also plays a minor role.
*Source for those numbers.

Are Doctors Too Well Respected in America?

I hate to be the one to say this – but I think we’re giving a little too much kudos to doctors these days. Look at all of the controversy around health care. Who is a primary player in all of this? Gee, I don’t know, maybe DOCTORS?

Look, doctors are useful, I am not saying they’re not. But I just think we should take a step back and examine just how high of a pedestal we have placed them on.

For example, the other day I was driving to a secluded area to go for a jog and I must have driven by at least half a dozen streets named after doctors. How insane is that!? America, what are we doing to ourselves?

First there was Circle Doctor Street. That’s fine, I guess. I mean, who was this Circle Doctor? Or was it a person who was a doctor of circles? If so, what’s that mean? If it instead was or is someone’s last name, what country are you even from?

Then I was driving past Saint James Doctor. Then Callaway Doctor.

That’s another thing, when we name roads after doctors, why do we reverse their names? Shouldn’t it be Doctor Circle? Doctor Saint James? Doctor Callaway? (And really, Doctor Saint James? Someone named their child Saint? Come on, people, that’s a tough name to live up to.)

Look at this, another overly praised Doctor. Boyden, pft, I bet you’re not that good.

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