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Unexpected Results of the DOMA Case

  • “It’s raining men” played a record number of times
  • The four dissenting judges in the DOMA case now each own a large number of copies of The Bird Cage, which were given anonymously as gifts.
  • Stereotypes are shaken up when, at the large number of celebratory pride parades, gay men dress in gaudy and unattractive outfits. (Their haircuts still look good though.)
  • Glitter and paint sales skyrocket on Friday, as parade decoration plans are the main activity of the night.


Congrats to my friends who have been positively impacted by this! And to those who are feeling upset or negative about it, I’m sorry you feel that way. If there are people who believe that the idea of gay people getting married is bad or negative, please leave a comment and I’ll happily explain why I think it is not a bad thing.

Given that I average about one comment per post (or less), I’m not worried about a big controversial argument happening. If it does … cool (for my blog stats)! But, let’s play nice.

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